Thursday, 5 May 2016

Short trip to Groningen

With a couple of days off we booked a hotel in Groningen.
We went to the Hunebedcentrum in Groningen first, got there around 1. Had something to eat, saw the introductory film and museum. Then to the hunebed, the megalith. Children, and older people, who should know better, use it as a climbing apparatus, climb all over it. I hate that, shows no respect for your history. And in a few years they will close it off because of that. 

This is part of the grave built with monoliths. The part that had noone climbing over it....

 The park that is built near it has replicas of stone- and bronze age houses.

We had a nice ice coffee afther that.

The weather is great!
The hotel is on the edge of the city, you step out and there is a lovely lake. 

I don't know yet what we are going to do tomorrow, many things to see here.

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  1. Beautiful place - what great pictures!!