Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Updates long overdue

I have been doing a few projects these months, I'll show you the results here in a BIG post.

I finally finished Nilaya, a kit by Dana. The pictures came out a bit blueish.

I did some beading, from patterns from the internet and Etsy.

I've been to a Penny Thomson workshop this summer, three days at the home of Trees Beertema in Ursem. Lovely workshop, you really learn a lot from her!

And have done some tatting!
 This was a gift for my sister in law. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, and she said oh, make me something nice.

This edging is from an old Burda. The handkerchief I made it on is a very old one, came from my grandmother. I made two of these, one I gave to my aunt.

I started the monster doily by Jan stawasz, making it from DMC 100. It is still going to be very big, and will be an ongoing project for some time yet.

For now, I have put that aside, and am tatting for christmas. I've tried making some covers for christmas balls, these are the test tatted ones. I think I will make them in white on red balls.

Renulek has some lovely patterns on her blog, I have made this little bell from one of them:

That's it for now, a quick update of what I have been doing.