Saturday, 16 May 2015

Way behind...

It has been so long since I wrote here. I have been doing plenty, but not blogging about it.
So this is catchup.
Tatting first.
I made this bag from a pattern in the magazine of the Frivolitékring. Lined it with pale green silk.
I had an old handkerchief, given to me by my aunt. made an edging along that, and gave it back.
I made a cradle for a little doll I have. added tatting to the cradle, as an accent, and to the sheet and pillow. with a knitted blanket, I think it looks good.
Made earrings to go with my necklace
and a bracelet
I want to make a room, from the Golden Age, a la Vermeer. Found that Arjan Spinhoven has copied the cabinet in Rembrandt's house, and made it into a kit. I bought it at the Ulft show, had to have it. It is made from MDF, with some wood.
First thing to do was paint everything, so it would look like old mahogany.
My sons gave me a table and chair that will fit in the room, kits from Mcqueenies.
Together, it looks like this:
the hearth is also from Arjen Spinhoven, a MDF kit. I am working out how big I want the room to be, and how it should look.
Instead of finishing this first, I took out my kit from Dana, for Nilaya, and started on that.
Not finished yet.
Now to find the time to finish these projects!