Saturday, 12 April 2014

Griffin House - building work is finished

Roofing in progress. The tiles are up, base coat of coffee paint is on. The front has been put together, the chimneys are painted 
I have finished the house now, painted the roof, set the chimneys, added details, made it a bit old. This picture has my reading glasses in it, to show the size of the house.
Inside the house
A few details
Now the furnishing!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Apeldoorn show

An update of the Apeldoorn Show this weekend, april 5-6

This is Leo's stand. His table for the glassblowing in the front, most of the glass is in display cabinets. Only the cheapest things in front for customers to touch.
 these 2 pictures were taken Sunday, around 11 o'clock. The show was very quiet this weekend, not as many visitors as usual.

I had made myself a list, and almost kept to it, just a few bits extra. Did not get some items, because I could not find what I wanted.
So what did I get?
first, for my 1/48 mediƫval house, a few (ahem) bits of stoneware
The coin is a 1 euro coin. These are made by Annie Heinrich
For my lacemaker, bobbins and sewing thread spools, and a darning gadget from JoKra
From Hazel Dowd, a kit for making 2 mannequins with Edwardian gowns
From Arjen Spinhoven, a games table kit, and 2 screens. The screens are put in the window, to protect from sunlight. Need to put thin gauze in those.
A kit from Lutje Boudel, for a sweet toy. And it really is a kit, it has the wood, but you have to cut out the shapes yourself.
Every day there is a lottery, with all proceeds going to the childrens hospital in Arnhem. I never win anything when I buy a lottery ticket. I bought tickets Saturday, and to my big surprise, I won 3 prizes!
I know who made the wine cabinet, it is by Loes Snoodijk. Lovely, isn't it? and a little porcelain boy, he has a cute face. And a Chrysnbon bathroom accessories set.
That made my day!
Then Sunday. I bought another set of tickets, they are 5 euros for 12, not expensive. All the money is given to the hospital, standholders are asked to donate the prizes.
And guess what, I again won 3 prizes! A set of 6  black mugs, those are in the box in front.
A packet of Christmas things, and a kit for a doll.
The doll is an old crone, I think she is lovely!
All wrinkles.
The show was not busy, easy to see everything. I don't know how much money Marjan and Leo make, I only help with the selling, but I have been told they have made enough to cover costs.
Why the show was so quiet, I have no idea, could have been the weather, wich was quite nice, or the time of the year, maybe the economics, maybe to many other shows around. Who knows?

more beading

Just an update on what I have been beading lately. I gave the star to my aunt, made myself a new one. A blue and silver one.
A tila bead bracelet
From a pattern by beadaholique on YouTube
Earrings, with garnet colored swarovski and Pearls, the pattern also from YouTube, by Sidonia's handmade jewelry