Sunday, 16 November 2014

Christmas ornament with tatting

I bought some Christmas balls, diameter 5 cm. I want to cover them with tatting.
First try is finished now. I took a pattern from Jon Yusoffs book tatted snowflakes, Pirouette.
That, without the middle, is the bottom part of the tatting. Fiddled around with it, added a couple of rounds to cover the whole ball.
I am going to make this with a white around a matte red ball.


  1. This is so pretty Winnie! Way back years ago, I crocheted covers like these for shiny red Christmas balls. Still have a few - well, my daughter does. Since I now spend Christmas with my children in their homes, I let them choose what ornaments and such they wanted, keeping a few of my really favorites for myself. Now visiting them at Christmas is just that much more special - get to see "my" Christmas treasures. :)

  2. Dit is prachtig, Winnie! Zover ben ik nog niet,.. volgend jaar misschien.