Saturday, 10 May 2014

Griffin House inside

Almost finished! The furniture is a mix of kits by Templewood miniatures, Petite properties, Jane harrop and a couple from SDK Miniatures, the chair and hutch, these last were a gift from a dear friend, as were the 2 pies. The pots and pitchers are by Annie Hendriks.
Now I am going back to 1/12, a lot easier then 1/48!
The kit of this games table is by Arjen Spinhoven. There ar no instructions included, but it is an easy kit to put together. I painted it brown, with a few gold accents.
Another buy from him were 2 kits for a 'raamhor', I have no idea how to translate thate.
These are typically Dutch as far as I know, to protect the plants from direct sunlight. Or keep people from looking in, as some say! I need one more kit, I bought 2, but have 3 windows to the room! Next time at the show I will buy another one.