Sunday, 23 March 2014

Still painting....

...the woodwork of my house! I decided it was too dark, now have to change the color to a lighter one. In other words: do all the painting of the woodwork again!
I don't have much time, or the energy, in the evening to do much. It is slow, but there is no deadline for this house.
While the layers are drying, I am doing other things.
This is a brickstitch bangle, with a kind of netting on top. One I can't give away, it is exactly fitted to my wrist. Done with size 9 seed beads.
This one is made from a pattern and kit by Geralda den Hollander, from the Daver. Her instructions are very good, making it easy to make a pretty bracelet. Size 8 and size 11 Toho beads.

And my masterpiece, this one took quiet a few hours. A peyote stitch star ornament, for Christmas. it is finished in time to hang in my tree....
This one is also made from a kit by Geralda. Just follow her instructions, put in some time (or rather quite a lot of time, this is one thing you don't finish in an evening), and you end up with a lovely ornament.
The start....
.... and the finished star!
the colors don't show up well in the picture. it is a lovely gold and bronze lustre.

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  1. When I see these, I want to take up beading! It'll have to be in my next lifetime.