Sunday, 23 March 2014

woodwork, and a tryout, to see if it will all fit. 

Still painting....

...the woodwork of my house! I decided it was too dark, now have to change the color to a lighter one. In other words: do all the painting of the woodwork again!
I don't have much time, or the energy, in the evening to do much. It is slow, but there is no deadline for this house.
While the layers are drying, I am doing other things.
This is a brickstitch bangle, with a kind of netting on top. One I can't give away, it is exactly fitted to my wrist. Done with size 9 seed beads.
This one is made from a pattern and kit by Geralda den Hollander, from the Daver. Her instructions are very good, making it easy to make a pretty bracelet. Size 8 and size 11 Toho beads.

And my masterpiece, this one took quiet a few hours. A peyote stitch star ornament, for Christmas. it is finished in time to hang in my tree....
This one is also made from a kit by Geralda. Just follow her instructions, put in some time (or rather quite a lot of time, this is one thing you don't finish in an evening), and you end up with a lovely ornament.
The start....
.... and the finished star!
the colors don't show up well in the picture. it is a lovely gold and bronze lustre.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Griffin House

New project! This is the kit Candlewick House, by Petite Properties. A quarter scale house.
My version will be named Griffin House, because of the griffins guarding it. A medieval property.
All those pieces - I started by painting most of them.
Gave me time to think about what I wanted to do to the walls and floors. with this size it is easier to decorate those before putting the whole thing together.

These are the tiles for the ground floor. I want to simulate a slate floor.
and lots of beams! This is the ground floor partition wall, between the kitchen and living.


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Lapis lazuli bracelet

The lucet cord - that will end up eventually as a bracelet. Got sidetracked by some lapis lazuli beads. Found a nice button, some leather cord, and made it into a wrap bracelet.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014


I am trying out all sorts of things. I wanted a lucet, but couldn't get my hands on one quickly, so I improvised. and it works! Fun to do! I am using waxed cord, probably not the best to start with, the effect is nice.
I have started on the second piece of lace for my shawl.
I have not set myself a time limit, I will be working on this for a couple more months. Summer is coming, would be nice if it would be finished by the time autumn comes.