Saturday, 8 February 2014


The weather is not very nice. Not very cold, but lots of rain and wind. Not the kind of weather to go outside.
I had been planning to make a project with nalbindning, or nalbinding, there are different ways of spelling.
Nalbindning is an ancient technique, not done very much any more, nowadays people crochet, or knit.
textiles made with the technique of nalbindning have been found from the Vikings, Mediëval times, and even a trace from the Bronze Age.
I decided a hat would be nice. Spent a couple of hours yesterday working on it, and it is looking good. It is a quick technique, probably helped by the fact I am using thick wool!
not quite finished yet, but a good way along.
I have started another tatting project, that will take quite some time before it is finished.
These projects will keep me busy this weekend. My nephew has his birthday party Sunday, I also need to go get him a birthday present. That is fun! He is a very inquisitive little boy, something to build or experiment with will be perfect for him.


  1. I have been intrigued by Nalbinding for some time. Just never sat down and did it.
    Your hat looks good. and should be solid enough to be warm.
    I like your edging.

  2. Beste Winnie,
    Naaldbinding lijkt me geweldig om te doen, en heel mooi. Prachtige geschiedenis!!. Je kleurencombinatie in frivolité is ook schitterend. Welke kleur is het rode?

  3. Dit is nr 1000, Romy red, van King Tut quiltgaren. De kant komt op een zwarte sjaal. Naaldbinding is erg leuk om te doen! Heeft als voordeel boven breien dat je geen steken kunt laten vallen. Op Youtube zijn ook veel filmpjes te vinden over de techniek. Jelling Dragon in Engeland verkoopt een boekje met de techniek,