Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Wizard is finally finished!

Yes, finally! He has been standing here for a couple of months without his arms, but now he is finished!
I have a nice dome to display him in.
I love his staff, made it specially for him.
The doll and pattern are a kit by Helena Reijnen.

Monday, 30 December 2013

Bird cages

These were kits from Jane Harrop. with explanations of how to make them look like metal and old.
The two big ones are 1/12 schale, the very small one is 1/48.
Method of making them is the same: very carefully!
The instructions by Jane Harrop are very clear, with a bit of care they are easy to do. I was wondering why I had wanted the small one when I got it, and saw how small the pieces are. You have to be careful with it, but it is doable. I must say I took twice as long to make the small one.
The one at the back does not have the roof glued on, I want to put a bird in it first.

Free time....

I have some free time now, in between all the visits.
Time for some tatting, or embroidering, or.....
first, I have been making an ornament for the christmas tree.
I started with a piece of an edging from a book by Jan Stawasz, part of a hat. that is the bit in the middle. I made a top for it, and used thread in between, to pull the two bits together. and a thread at the bottom, to make it fit.
The next one I wanted to do the whole thing in one go. And it worked! looks good, I think.You can see the difference in the top, this whole 'sleeve' is tatted.
These take a lot of time to make.

I made a pakdoek, from a pattern from the Marker course. These were used at school by girls, to keep their needlework in. The work is put in the middle, the cloth folded around it, and the ties are tied.