Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Dolls House Show Apeldoorn

Last weekend was the dolls house show in Apeldoorn. Saturday was very busy, sunday a quieter day. I had enough time to look around. I just go, and see where I end up. some stands I have to go to, to chat, or buy what I had seen last time and didn't have enough money for then. I don't go around all the stands systematically, I do miss some. 
The layout has been changed, no more "islands", the setup was in long rows. Heard from many they found it much easier to find stands.
Want to see what I bought?
My favorite, a wine stand from Vonas Miniaturen. I love their work. 
 This little doll has sleeping eyes.....
Turn the head around, and you have open eyes.
 Lace bobbins from Jokra, www.jokra.nl,
and sewing bobbins

And 1/48 scale kits, 3 from Petite Properties and 3 from Jane Harrop. These will end up in a medieval building, when I get that built someday...
And a doll stand, you can really hurt your doll with that, it looks quite lethal.
I did buy one more kit, but can't show it yet, it is a gift for a friend, when I have put it together.

The doll stand is for this doll I have been working on for the past few weeks on and off.