Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Rheda show

Sunday was the day we went to the Rheda show. It took us 2 hours, not bad.
I met with Elly, Elga and Josje, we had lunch together and a lovely chat.
Elga brought me my cabinet, now it's my turn, to do the embroidery on it.

it is good enough to leave as is!

For the rest, I bought a lot, not all necessary, but all nice!
The first thing, I am really pleased with, is an embroidery hoop.
This picture is for the size:

and on this one you can see the clamp. It really works! Vonas Miniatures made it.
I bought myself a pair of scissors, they really work! Edmnd Drescher made them.

This is, or was, a Mcqueenies kit. I put it together yesterday evening. Their kits are so nice to work with, nice wood, and they fit perfectly. Do you see the hinges? First time I did them the way they should be done, with nails! I always cheated, just glued on the hinges, and left the nails out. Not this time! This cupboard will go in Magdalena's room.
A couple of kits from Sperrholzgebiet for my 1/144 scale cabinet: a drawing room, a kitchen and a bathroom.
And these, a Petite Properties kit of a Tudor Cupboard for my medieval property (still to be made), a flower kit from Lami's minis, I liked the colors, hair from Helena Reijnen, and some tule, don't remember from who.

And lastly these pieces of pottery.
We left Rheda at 16.30, after having an ice cream. The weather was quite nice, sunny, a bit chilly, but a lot better then last year, it rained heavily the whole day that time. It was a lot nicer to drive with this weather.

What have I been up to?

Not doing as much as I wanted! I have a ballerina doll, made by Miep Otzen. I have had her for years. Now I've started dressing her.
She's not finished yet.
Next, I started making baskets

I like them!
Somehow I can't seem to keep to one project, finish that, and only then do something else.