Saturday, 6 April 2013

Dollshouse show Apeldoorn

Last year at the show Mrs. Vogels from Vonas Miniaturen promised to copy my grandfather's tobacco jar in mini. Today I got to pick it up. It is wonderful, she did a great job! Exactly like the real thing!
this is the real size jar, with the minis on it. I had to buy a couple of pipes too!

Monday, 1 April 2013

Update shawl project

I have not counted the flowers, have finished five leaves now. I wanted to see how I was doing, laid all of them out on the shawl.
I haven't used all the pink colors I have yet.

This is a closeup of a part, with the flowers and leaves.

This is starting to look a bit like what I had in my head. I want the flowers and leaves closer together. And in a bigger area. Lots of tatting to go!

Back to tatting!
these flowers and leaves are not so big, it is easy to finish a couple in an evening. Nice to pick up after work, to relax. I don't have to think about the pattern any more, can do them in my sleep.