Saturday, 19 January 2013

Bedspread is finished!

Really finished!
I lined it with a nice blue silk, you can just see it shimmering through.
The bed underneath the bedspread is not made up yet, when visitors come, it will be made with fresh sheets. but it has a coverd mattress, and a lovely soft pillow.
I forgot this information: the pattern of the bedspread was inspired by the flower bookmark by Rachael Mohler. Tatted with DMC nr. 80.

Now this is finished, I can start another project. Or finish one. I think I will do both.
I just got the new book by Jan Stawasz, it has a lot of nice patterns. I want to tat a collar from this book for my cardigan. 
When I get tired of tattin, I will start going again on my Wizard's book.
This is the outside, and inside.
I already have quite some things to put in it. the left cupboard needs to be chained shut, or the monster will break out. And all the potions and spells and books set in their place.

Monday, 14 January 2013

Tatted bedspread

I had been tatting a bedspread for a bed, just rings and chains, but did not like the thread I was using. it was Venus, nr. 80, but kept knotting, and twisting on itself. The same thickness is made by DMC, or Anchor, or Lizbeth, all these threads tat nicely, and don't knot when they are not supposed to. I binned the one I was working on, even with it being half finished.
Decided on a nice pattern, and started.
This is the result of an evening of tatting.
That was a week ago. I have been tatting every free moment. And this the result:
 Just a few rows more, it needs to hang over the bed.
There is no bedding underneath at the moment.
Then comes the problem of deciding what color to use for the lining!

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Happy 2013! and late updates

I have not updated this blog for some time, have lots to show! This will be a long post.
I am using Firefox now, and can upload pictures, no problem! Thanks Josje!

I have finished my Moroccan scene. It has been finished for quite a while, only needed the last touches. I have put some led lights in the interior, to give a bit of depth.
It is easier to put the lights in while building the room box......I had not planned on doing that. I showed my roombox to Leo, and he said add lights, will be a lot nicer. In the model shop you can buy a strip of led lights, they can run off a battery. and are very easy to install, just glue in.

In june I went to a workshop by Penny Thomson, the Village Pump. The scene was finished then, I wanted some more greenery, and flowers.

This is what the roombox looks like.

 The little girl is a doll by Penny Thomson, she is happy playing outside. in this picture you can see the greens around the pump, the creeper going up the dead tree nex to the house, and a bit of the roses.

This is a closeup of the right side of the scene. Shows the clematis and the roses in front.

Next project.
Leo gave me this garden statue

Told me to show him what I could do with it.
and this is the result:

Then the christmas holidays.
No minis, but had some beads still, and wanted to make a necklace.
The idea for this one has been in my head since the summer. I saw a necklace made with this combination of beads at the Tutankhamon exhibition. it is made with lapis lazuli, pearls and gold elements.

Then something simpler. This is made with pieces of shell. and a clasp, the pieces of shell make a beautiful necklace, no need to do anything else to it.

I also tatted two edgings for handkerchiefs
a green one
and a white one
One more update to come, but I want to do that in a seperate item.