Friday, 15 November 2013


In the shops there are a zillion shirts with lace or embroidery. I wanted one, but the embroidery or lace was not to my liking. I am making my own. I have a jeansshirt, the hardest part is deciding on a pattern to use. I went through all my patterns, my books and internet sites. And finally decided on the little sisters tatted edging, a pattern from Be-stitched, to be found on the webste changed the part where a long picot is used, used a small chain instead. 
This is the test piece I made.
It is a nice pattern to tat. Gives some variety, isn't hard to do.
I have finished one piece, and started on the other piece now. I want to see how it looks, and then maybe do a bit for the pockets. The lace is not sewn down yet, maybe I will turn it upside down.
While tatting this, I am thinking about christmas cards. Starting way to late, but I think I will get a couple finished. I seem to remember having seen an edging somewhere, that looked like little christmas trees. Need to see if I can find that, a row of that edging on a card would look nice. 


  1. It looks good Winnie and here is a link to a Christmas tree border on Etsy.

    1. Elga, that was the one I was looking for! Thank you!

    2. Pleasure, enjoy tatting it, I liked the little beads on them!