Monday, 20 May 2013

Update staffs: more wizards wanted!

This is the latest batch.
With a red crystal

 Gilded cord and a green crystal

 A round bead, with a kind of catseye effect. It gives different reflections if moved. The bead was a gift from a friend.

 This one has a little desert rose on top. Very hard to get a picture of properly.

Staff looking for wizard.....

I have made myself a couple of staffs. They came out the way I wanted.
There are a couple more in the works!
I photographed them with a doll of mine, who still needs to have a nice suit made for him.
To show the size.
Staff 1:

The second one:

This last one has crystals set into the wood of the staff.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Time for minis again

I managed to finally finish this doll! She is sold by Helena Reijnen, who called her Winnie. With that name, I had to buy the doll.
I have had her for a couple of years now. She has been dressed, and lain waiting for a wig for more then a year.
Finally plucked up the courage to do that wig! I can see some things wrong with it, but I am pleased with it.
The light is not very good at the moment, it is raining.

She has lovely long braids, like I wanted when I was young.

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Made this little lady, from Towerhouse Dolls

A doll for the dollshouse child. From a kit from Towerhouse Dolls. She was lovely to dress, a bit fiddly.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Another bracelet finished

I made ths bracelet in the garden, nice and warm, but a bit windy. Those rings won't blow away!
It is a variation on byzantine weave, with silverplated rings, glass rings, and Miyuki beads.

Wizard book

I put all items in the book yesterday evening. Took pictures this morning. I noticed I had one more item to put in, a bowl made from horn, a gift from a friend. It is in now, but not in the pictures.
I used fossils, rocks, pots and bowls, bottles, some bought, some made from findings, took some time to collect what I wanted in here.
Enjoy the pictures!

 The mice are out, they want to go back in their cage!
 The crow is scaring them
 The books I made
 A selection of staffs next to the cupboard

Monday, 6 May 2013

Lovely weather

I started out on my book project today
this is the inside, empty:
I made some books for the shelves

Then decided the weather was too good to stay inside. I put the book project away, and found some things to take outside.

I had a kit from het Droomsleuteltje, that one is finished now.

It was so nice and warm outside, for the first time this year!
I took out my chainmail, also for the first time this year.
Made another earring for my set, I had lost one of them while shopping in town.

That set is complete again.
I have ordered some things fron, and they gave a free kit with the order. Made that up, it is a cute little bracelet. Made with rings and silver coloured beads.

I had seen a bracelet on the Blue Buddha site, it is a shaggy loops pattern. Made earrings with it.

I have started on another chainmail project, But for now I have done enough. I am going to watch some archeology programs on BBC4.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Lacemaker finished!

This doll is an online workshop by Hazel Dowd. She was set up as a sewing woman, but I wanted to make her into a lacemaker. Putting the doll together, dressing and posing her was no problem, I finished that quickly. Only the wig - she has been lying arount a long time without hair. I was afraid of doing the wig, that it wouldn't come out. I decided I had to get it finished, and just started. I think it is not too bad for a first attempt all on my own!
I tatted a collar, and edgings for her clothes for her.
The pillow stand and pillow, with the lace on it, were a gift from Leo and Marjan Reijnders. The lace bobbins were made by Kristine Klingel.
I have a glass dome I wanted to put her under, but that didn't fit. So what now?
I had one of those Ikea boxes, and she just fit in there, in the corner. I finished the box as a room for her. Maybe I will do something to the walls, but I am leaving it as it is at the moment.

I made the cupboard, and a window for her to look out. The scene seen throught the window is from the Lace center in Brugge, we went there some time ago, and I took that picture then. The lacemaking equipment in the cupboard, the ball with candle, and the box with bobbins, pins, and thread reels are also made by Kristine Klingel.
All other stuff is from my dollhouse, from various makers. The baskets on the bottom shelf I made myself.

Saturday, 4 May 2013

Shawl update

I have almost finished enough pieces for one part of the shawl:
almost - I thought I had enough, but seeing them all laid out I think some more leaves are needed. About 4 or 5 more, I think.
for an idea of the size, I've added this next picture, the ruler is in cm.

When those are finished, I can start sewing them on. And tatting the pieces for the other half.