Monday, 11 March 2013

Shawl update

I wanted to add an update yesterday, but spent the whole day under a blanket on the couch. Did not feel like doing anything. I have managed to get a cold again, which was playing up. This morning it is a bit better.

I have started tatting, I have no idea yet how many I will need. This is 2 shades of pink, one dark red rose, and one variegated. I have more shades of pink. I am going to make a whole lot of these, then start arranging on the shawl. I haven't done any leaves yet.
The ruler is in cm.
The next update I want to have many more pieces, plus leaves. maybe even start arranging some.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

I am starting a new tatting project

A navy blue shawl, DMC 80 thread in colors from dark red to pink, and green. and two shuttles.

I fount the tischband challenge, by Umi and Tsuru, wanted to try those patterns. Another thing I have wanted to do for quite some time is make a nice shawl, with tatting on it.
I found this lovely navy blue shawl in the Bijenkorf last week, it feels very nice, drapes very well.

Why not combine these two ideas?
These are samples made in DMC size 40, the leaf is from the Tischband challenge, the flower is froma pattern for a doily by Jon Yusof of the Tat-a-renda blog.
I have tried the tischband flower also, it comes out very nice.
I want to make a broad border on both ends of the shawl with these motifs, different kinds of flowers in shades of pink and red, and leaves in shades of geen.
I have found some similar patterns for the flowers, the pattern above, the tischband pattern, and one from a Mary Konior book.
The thread i plan on using is DMC 80, the flowers and leaves will turn out a bit smaller then my samples. 
I think this will be a long project, but I think it will be lovely when finished. Can't wait to get started!