Monday, 14 January 2013

Tatted bedspread

I had been tatting a bedspread for a bed, just rings and chains, but did not like the thread I was using. it was Venus, nr. 80, but kept knotting, and twisting on itself. The same thickness is made by DMC, or Anchor, or Lizbeth, all these threads tat nicely, and don't knot when they are not supposed to. I binned the one I was working on, even with it being half finished.
Decided on a nice pattern, and started.
This is the result of an evening of tatting.
That was a week ago. I have been tatting every free moment. And this the result:
 Just a few rows more, it needs to hang over the bed.
There is no bedding underneath at the moment.
Then comes the problem of deciding what color to use for the lining!


  1. Oh, it is beautiful Winnie! Glad you can upload photos again.

  2. Very pretty Winnie, I can imagine it with some pretty coloured bedding underneath.

    I'm glad Firefox works for you! I find this Microsoft/Google tug of war so annoying. It's like two little boys bickering in the playground -two very rich and powerful little boys in this case.

  3. It's for a doll's bed!! - when I first began reading I couldn't believe that you were actually tatting a whole, huge bedspread in size 80! Yes, the Venus 80 twists too much to be any good for tatting - unless you use it for chains.However I have been told that Venus 40 is wonderful.

  4. For the record: I just tried tatting with Venus 40. It looks SO pretty and it's very twisted which I see is recommended, but this particular thread doesn't hold its twist when I pull it through to finish a ring, i.e. the thread that is left to pull through will twist more and more back on itself. The only fix I can think of is to tat more loosely, and/or keep the loop stretched out very tightly while closing the ring. I have some old "Coats chain mercer crochet 20" thread which is also very twisted but doesn't have this issue at all.

    Good to hear other people have also had this issue with Venus thread.

    Love the bedspread!