Sunday, 13 January 2013

Happy 2013! and late updates

I have not updated this blog for some time, have lots to show! This will be a long post.
I am using Firefox now, and can upload pictures, no problem! Thanks Josje!

I have finished my Moroccan scene. It has been finished for quite a while, only needed the last touches. I have put some led lights in the interior, to give a bit of depth.
It is easier to put the lights in while building the room box......I had not planned on doing that. I showed my roombox to Leo, and he said add lights, will be a lot nicer. In the model shop you can buy a strip of led lights, they can run off a battery. and are very easy to install, just glue in.

In june I went to a workshop by Penny Thomson, the Village Pump. The scene was finished then, I wanted some more greenery, and flowers.

This is what the roombox looks like.

 The little girl is a doll by Penny Thomson, she is happy playing outside. in this picture you can see the greens around the pump, the creeper going up the dead tree nex to the house, and a bit of the roses.

This is a closeup of the right side of the scene. Shows the clematis and the roses in front.

Next project.
Leo gave me this garden statue

Told me to show him what I could do with it.
and this is the result:

Then the christmas holidays.
No minis, but had some beads still, and wanted to make a necklace.
The idea for this one has been in my head since the summer. I saw a necklace made with this combination of beads at the Tutankhamon exhibition. it is made with lapis lazuli, pearls and gold elements.

Then something simpler. This is made with pieces of shell. and a clasp, the pieces of shell make a beautiful necklace, no need to do anything else to it.

I also tatted two edgings for handkerchiefs
a green one
and a white one
One more update to come, but I want to do that in a seperate item.


  1. Oh, please, Winnie, don't leave your blog - I'll miss you. All your photos that you put on the blog are hosted at Picasa anyway. Lots of people are having problems with uploading pictures at the moment. Please stay.

  2. Hi Winnie, maybe you are just looking in the wrong place, your first choice should be upload above Picasa etc when you click on adding an image, next to that in the big box it says choose files and from there you can upload any photo stored on your PC.

  3. I tried Elga, I do not get the option choose files.
    I'll give it a few days, and try again.

  4. I have read on a few other blogs the last week or so of people having troubles, I haven't posted for a while so I wouldn't know if there are problems, hopefully it is all fixed in a few days.

  5. Hallo Winnie, Ik kwam zojuist je blog tegen bij Elga. Leuk!
    Het kan zijn dat je problemen hebt met blogger als je Internet Explorer gebruikt. Die twee willen echt niet samen. Als je Google Chrome of Firefox gebruikt heb je waarschijnlijk geen problemen meer. Sinds de problemen 1,5 jaar geleden begonnen (ik kon toen bijna nergens reacties achterlaten) ben ik overgestapt op Firefox. Perfect!
    Ik hoop dat je er iets aan hebt. Groet, Josje

  6. I missed that you added photos, your room boxes are beautiful. I love the girl dancing so happily in the garden with her dolly.