Saturday, 19 January 2013

Bedspread is finished!

Really finished!
I lined it with a nice blue silk, you can just see it shimmering through.
The bed underneath the bedspread is not made up yet, when visitors come, it will be made with fresh sheets. but it has a coverd mattress, and a lovely soft pillow.
I forgot this information: the pattern of the bedspread was inspired by the flower bookmark by Rachael Mohler. Tatted with DMC nr. 80.

Now this is finished, I can start another project. Or finish one. I think I will do both.
I just got the new book by Jan Stawasz, it has a lot of nice patterns. I want to tat a collar from this book for my cardigan. 
When I get tired of tattin, I will start going again on my Wizard's book.
This is the outside, and inside.
I already have quite some things to put in it. the left cupboard needs to be chained shut, or the monster will break out. And all the potions and spells and books set in their place.