Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Wizard is finally finished!

Yes, finally! He has been standing here for a couple of months without his arms, but now he is finished!
I have a nice dome to display him in.
I love his staff, made it specially for him.
The doll and pattern are a kit by Helena Reijnen.

Monday, 30 December 2013

Bird cages

These were kits from Jane Harrop. with explanations of how to make them look like metal and old.
The two big ones are 1/12 schale, the very small one is 1/48.
Method of making them is the same: very carefully!
The instructions by Jane Harrop are very clear, with a bit of care they are easy to do. I was wondering why I had wanted the small one when I got it, and saw how small the pieces are. You have to be careful with it, but it is doable. I must say I took twice as long to make the small one.
The one at the back does not have the roof glued on, I want to put a bird in it first.

Free time....

I have some free time now, in between all the visits.
Time for some tatting, or embroidering, or.....
first, I have been making an ornament for the christmas tree.
I started with a piece of an edging from a book by Jan Stawasz, part of a hat. that is the bit in the middle. I made a top for it, and used thread in between, to pull the two bits together. and a thread at the bottom, to make it fit.
The next one I wanted to do the whole thing in one go. And it worked! looks good, I think.You can see the difference in the top, this whole 'sleeve' is tatted.
These take a lot of time to make.

I made a pakdoek, from a pattern from the Marker course. These were used at school by girls, to keep their needlework in. The work is put in the middle, the cloth folded around it, and the ties are tied.


Friday, 22 November 2013

Pimp your shirt

The tatting is finished, I've sewn it on the shirt. I think it will stay like this, have thought of adding some to the pockets, am not sure yet about that. 
I forgot to add where I got the pattern from, it is the sisters edging from be-stitched.

Friday, 15 November 2013


In the shops there are a zillion shirts with lace or embroidery. I wanted one, but the embroidery or lace was not to my liking. I am making my own. I have a jeansshirt, the hardest part is deciding on a pattern to use. I went through all my patterns, my books and internet sites. And finally decided on the little sisters tatted edging, a pattern from Be-stitched, to be found on the webste www.be-stitched.com.I changed the part where a long picot is used, used a small chain instead. 
This is the test piece I made.
It is a nice pattern to tat. Gives some variety, isn't hard to do.
I have finished one piece, and started on the other piece now. I want to see how it looks, and then maybe do a bit for the pockets. The lace is not sewn down yet, maybe I will turn it upside down.
While tatting this, I am thinking about christmas cards. Starting way to late, but I think I will get a couple finished. I seem to remember having seen an edging somewhere, that looked like little christmas trees. Need to see if I can find that, a row of that edging on a card would look nice. 

Friday, 1 November 2013


I am working on several projects at once, as usual! My tatted shawl is slowly coming along. The wizard will get his arms hopefully today. And I am working on a mini, which I can't show, it is a gift for a friend, and I want it to be a surprise. I am at the painting stage.
I have done the first 2 lessons of the e-course in Marker embroidery.

Still a lot of empty space, but when the course is finished, there won't be any left.
My dollhouse needs attention, want to change the furnishings around. 
And have some things to add to my lacemaker scene, and dress a baby and........and......Wonder how far I will get this weekend....

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Dolls House Show Apeldoorn

Last weekend was the dolls house show in Apeldoorn. Saturday was very busy, sunday a quieter day. I had enough time to look around. I just go, and see where I end up. some stands I have to go to, to chat, or buy what I had seen last time and didn't have enough money for then. I don't go around all the stands systematically, I do miss some. 
The layout has been changed, no more "islands", the setup was in long rows. Heard from many they found it much easier to find stands.
Want to see what I bought?
My favorite, a wine stand from Vonas Miniaturen. I love their work. 
 This little doll has sleeping eyes.....
Turn the head around, and you have open eyes.
 Lace bobbins from Jokra, www.jokra.nl,
and sewing bobbins

And 1/48 scale kits, 3 from Petite Properties and 3 from Jane Harrop. These will end up in a medieval building, when I get that built someday...
And a doll stand, you can really hurt your doll with that, it looks quite lethal.
I did buy one more kit, but can't show it yet, it is a gift for a friend, when I have put it together.

The doll stand is for this doll I have been working on for the past few weeks on and off.

Friday, 16 August 2013

Necklace finished

The last couple of evenings I have been working on this necklace. First I had to figure out what rings to use, the pattern is from Rebeca Mojica, and uses American size rings, that I cannot buy here. Ordering them from the US is expensive. When I was two thirds finished, I ran out of rings. ordered them from Jacomaro, and thanks to swift delivery I could soon get going again. There are about 650 rings in it. This is the result:

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Holidays are over...

.. and the warm weather has cooled down. I did enjoy myself in the holidays, spent a lot of time reading.
what I did do, was make a bracelet with titanium rings. those are very stiff, and have a bit of a spring. Quite difficult to close. My hands really hurt after finishing this bracelet. I love the colors! I added glass rings in the color blue iris.
I have a buddleia in the garden, it was full in bloom about a week ago. There were so many butterflies on it, lovely!

I have started another chainmail project now, this will be a necklace. The pattern is from the book Chained by Rebeca Mojica. I spent quite some hours figuring out which rings to use. The book uses rings from Blue Buddha, a US based company. The sizes I can get here are different. But I figured it out finally, and have a start on it. It will have more then 650 rings in it when it is finished. The rings are aluminum. That will be a couple more evenings until it is finished.
Another problem is that I don't have enough of one size ring. Not that much of a problem, I order my rings online from Jacomaro, and they are quick! I will order more tomorrow, by the time I run out the new supply will be in. 

Tuesday, 16 July 2013


...got around to doing something! I made this basket of pansies
I want to change them a bit, but the weather is too hot now, the petals are sticking to my fingers.
I have made some bracelets from aluminium rings.

These two I made as gifts for friends.
This one is made from aluminum rings with glass rings and beads.
 This one is all aluminum, shiny with colored rings.
And finally, made this one

I want to make some more flowers, have some ideas for arrangements. But I will wait for cooler weather. When I get round to making them, I will show them here, am quite excited about some ideas I have.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Rheda show

Sunday was the day we went to the Rheda show. It took us 2 hours, not bad.
I met with Elly, Elga and Josje, we had lunch together and a lovely chat.
Elga brought me my cabinet, now it's my turn, to do the embroidery on it.

it is good enough to leave as is!

For the rest, I bought a lot, not all necessary, but all nice!
The first thing, I am really pleased with, is an embroidery hoop.
This picture is for the size:

and on this one you can see the clamp. It really works! Vonas Miniatures made it.
I bought myself a pair of scissors, they really work! Edmnd Drescher made them.

This is, or was, a Mcqueenies kit. I put it together yesterday evening. Their kits are so nice to work with, nice wood, and they fit perfectly. Do you see the hinges? First time I did them the way they should be done, with nails! I always cheated, just glued on the hinges, and left the nails out. Not this time! This cupboard will go in Magdalena's room.
A couple of kits from Sperrholzgebiet for my 1/144 scale cabinet: a drawing room, a kitchen and a bathroom.
And these, a Petite Properties kit of a Tudor Cupboard for my medieval property (still to be made), a flower kit from Lami's minis, I liked the colors, hair from Helena Reijnen, and some tule, don't remember from who.

And lastly these pieces of pottery.
We left Rheda at 16.30, after having an ice cream. The weather was quite nice, sunny, a bit chilly, but a lot better then last year, it rained heavily the whole day that time. It was a lot nicer to drive with this weather.

What have I been up to?

Not doing as much as I wanted! I have a ballerina doll, made by Miep Otzen. I have had her for years. Now I've started dressing her.
She's not finished yet.
Next, I started making baskets

I like them!
Somehow I can't seem to keep to one project, finish that, and only then do something else.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Update staffs: more wizards wanted!

This is the latest batch.
With a red crystal

 Gilded cord and a green crystal

 A round bead, with a kind of catseye effect. It gives different reflections if moved. The bead was a gift from a friend.

 This one has a little desert rose on top. Very hard to get a picture of properly.