Thursday, 17 May 2012

Tatted tablecloth

Yes, I did tat a tablecloth! for a mini table, that is.
It is 6,5 cm in diameter. Made with Guterman silk sewing thread. This thread is lovely to tat with, strong enough to close the rings, without breaking constantly. The pattern is from an old Burda tatting magazine.

It fits perfectly on the table. the table is 1:12. I haven't blocked it yet, so is not lying completely flat. That I will do next, I wanted to see what the effect was on a table.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Doretha teardrop edging finished

This is an egding by Georgia Seitz.
I used King Tut quilting thread, and made it into a suncatcher, with a crystal in the center. The diameter with this thread is 9 cm, that is just under 4 inches.

Friday, 11 May 2012

Bracelet time again

A bit of free time, some beads and cord =
Didn't feel like doing tatting, had these beads lying around. the beads are bamboo stone, and manmade turqoise. I don't mind manmade beads, they look like the real thing, but I like to be told they are manmade, and not passed off as the real thing.

I still have that teardrop edging to finish, almost there now. it is going to end up as a suncatcher.
And am making gifts for friends who I will be meeting next month, have got to get going on those again. Going to start on those later this evening.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Needle minder

I thought a needle minder would be nice to have, with my embroidery. I got myself some cameos from Cameojewelrysupply on Etsy. Glued them in a frame, or not, and a magnet on the back.
The one on the right has my embroidery needle on it.
I still have some cameos.
And a very boring needle box, which is now not so boring....

a coat of paint, crackle effect, some patina, and a frame with a cameo. Looks exactly as I wanted it, an old little box.

Edging continued

Third try: