Friday, 30 March 2012

Basket mode!

I tried making a different kind of basket today, using the wicker technique taught in the workshop. The basket I made there did not have upright sides, the one I made now does. I did not have any waxthread, used DMC Cebelia nr. 40 instead. And some of the paper covered wire I have for making flowers.
This is the result:
The basket is just about an inch in diameter.
There are lots of ideas in my head at the moment, for more baskets!

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Arnhem buy

I did not buy very much at the show, only this lovely 1/24 scale girl:
she is made by Penny Thomson.

 in June I will be going to a three day workshop by Penny Thomson, making a scene she calls the village pump. this girl will fit in there perfectly!

Arnhem make

This weekend was show weekend at the Arnhem Eusebius church.
I did a workshop there, making a miniature flower basket.
the basket is made with paper covered wire, and waxthread.

It is fun making a basket, I want to try and make more!
still needs some flowers, I want to make some lavender to put in it.