Saturday, 20 October 2012

Scene is finished!

This box, made in a 3-day workshop by Penny Thomson, is finally finished! It was finished in the workshop, only I wanted to add some more greenery to it, and flowers.

Left side

Detail in the middle

the right side

this is the whole box

I bought a doll by Penny Thomson to put in it

From the front it looks like this:

I am very pleased with the result! A bit of decoration around the front, and that's it.


  1. I like that, very nice work.

  2. Very English with the flowers- there are several of those very wonky cottages in the village here and it is very, very nice! Is it 1/24th?

  3. Idske, the front part is 24th, with the doll, the back is smaller, to give perspective. I love thosecwonky cottages!