Friday, 27 May 2011

Bookmark exchange

I did a bookmark exchange on the Tatting forums. I sent Lace Rn a bookmark like I already had made, the flowery SCMR bookmark. She sent me a lovely green bookworm! It is so cute.

Fan update

It is coming along slowly. The row I had made a design for last time, did not work. It pulled everything too much together. But I got a nice one now, which seems to work. 
In the picture you can see how far it is now, I have another loose row waiting, to be joined a bit lower on. the mess in the front, where my shuttle and thread are on, is all the false starts and practice pieces I made. I have ordered the fan blades, they should arrive monday.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

in between the fan rings, go other rings!

I have been working on my fan, made another nice pattern for a new row. I think I am doing this the wrong way, should first design a whole piece, instead of all loose rows. But I am going to go with it. If  can't fnd a way to connect everything together, I can always sew the loose pieces on some tule. When I start making the same mistake over and over (like forgetting to join the 6th ring to two other rings in the daisy motif, instead of to 1), it is time to put aside, and do something else. Just got out my metal rings and made this:
A pattern of shaggy loops with beads added. Perfect for spring!

Monday, 16 May 2011

And some other rings

I made this bracelet from a kit and instructions by Blue Buddha.
The instructions were so good, it was so much fun to make.

Look at this!

I got a nice package last week, from Erin Hinton. Chris Hinton from the Shuttle Shop had turned a bit of my tatting into a shuttle. The pattern I made for it is by Anne Bruvold. I changed it around a bit, she had put 4 small rings in the center, I made those into one large ring.

Also in the package was a wooden shuttle, with a dragon on it. I couldn't resist that one when I saw it. the pattern on the shuttle is taken from the seahorse dragon.

And I did do some tatting this time, made a bookmark, from a pattern by Mary Konior.

My big project this time is making a fan. I started out with the fan pattern on Linda Davies's blog, but got myself into a mess with that one. My own fault, never put your tatting down in the middle of a ring!
I ditched that one, and just started with a nice edging I liked. That came from the book schiffchenspitze. The picture is not that great, but gives you an idea of what I am doing. I may join all the edgings, or just sew them onto a tule or something.