Monday, 28 February 2011


I found this pattern: flowery SCMR bookmark by Jane Eborall. It has a lot of different stitches and/or rings, like split rings, mock rings, and strange (to me at least!) joins. It took a few false starts, but I managed to finish it! And it looks great. Want to have another try at it some time, but now I want something easy, starting on the seahorse dragon pattern now.


Some time ago I bought some of Yarnplayer's thread, size 80, Knitty Gritty. Loved those fall colors. The photo's don't do justice to the colors.
I made 2 snowflakes with it. The right one is Jon Yusof's pattern magic moments, the right one angels in the snow. When I get round to it, the one on the left will have a crystal bead in the centre, the one on the right I am plannng to add some bling too, with crystals, maybe a small one in the middle, and a drop on the bottom, have to try what looks good.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Snowflake time!

As the weather is still so cold, and snow is forecast, it is still time for snowflakes. For me, it is always time for snowflakes! especially such pretty ones, as this one:
it is the pattern angels in the snow by Miranda Rensberger. I added a crystal bead in the middle. The thread is a white variegated Valdani thread.
Have made it in blue too:
this one is made with King Tut thread.

First message

I just started this blog. I will try to keep it updated with all my tatting.....and thoughts about tatting.......and dreams about tatting.........