Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Updates long overdue

I have been doing a few projects these months, I'll show you the results here in a BIG post.

I finally finished Nilaya, a kit by Dana. The pictures came out a bit blueish.

I did some beading, from patterns from the internet and Etsy.

I've been to a Penny Thomson workshop this summer, three days at the home of Trees Beertema in Ursem. Lovely workshop, you really learn a lot from her!

And have done some tatting!
 This was a gift for my sister in law. I asked her what she wanted for her birthday, and she said oh, make me something nice.

This edging is from an old Burda. The handkerchief I made it on is a very old one, came from my grandmother. I made two of these, one I gave to my aunt.

I started the monster doily by Jan stawasz, making it from DMC 100. It is still going to be very big, and will be an ongoing project for some time yet.

For now, I have put that aside, and am tatting for christmas. I've tried making some covers for christmas balls, these are the test tatted ones. I think I will make them in white on red balls.

Renulek has some lovely patterns on her blog, I have made this little bell from one of them:

That's it for now, a quick update of what I have been doing.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Way behind...

It has been so long since I wrote here. I have been doing plenty, but not blogging about it.
So this is catchup.
Tatting first.
I made this bag from a pattern in the magazine of the Frivolitékring. Lined it with pale green silk.
I had an old handkerchief, given to me by my aunt. made an edging along that, and gave it back.
I made a cradle for a little doll I have. added tatting to the cradle, as an accent, and to the sheet and pillow. with a knitted blanket, I think it looks good.
Made earrings to go with my necklace
and a bracelet
I want to make a room, from the Golden Age, a la Vermeer. Found that Arjan Spinhoven has copied the cabinet in Rembrandt's house, and made it into a kit. I bought it at the Ulft show, had to have it. It is made from MDF, with some wood.
First thing to do was paint everything, so it would look like old mahogany.
My sons gave me a table and chair that will fit in the room, kits from Mcqueenies.
Together, it looks like this:
the hearth is also from Arjen Spinhoven, a MDF kit. I am working out how big I want the room to be, and how it should look.
Instead of finishing this first, I took out my kit from Dana, for Nilaya, and started on that.
Not finished yet.
Now to find the time to finish these projects!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Christmas ornament with tatting

I bought some Christmas balls, diameter 5 cm. I want to cover them with tatting.
First try is finished now. I took a pattern from Jon Yusoffs book tatted snowflakes, Pirouette.
That, without the middle, is the bottom part of the tatting. Fiddled around with it, added a couple of rounds to cover the whole ball.
I am going to make this with a white around a matte red ball.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

1:48 again!

I had promised myself not to buy any more 1:48, but couldn't resist when I saw this kit by Jane Harrop. It is a clog maker's shed. My grandfather used to make clogs when he was young.
Today I had a day to myself, and made it up.
What you get, is a whole load of little pieces.
Jane Harrop has good instructions, with a bit of patience I did get a nice result.
This is the shed finished. I found this not hard, it came together easily. I did not put on a thick layer of paint, more like a drybrush, it is a shed built of wood, and left as is. Dirty because of the weather was what I was aiming for.
Now for the things inside. That was fiddly, because of all the little pieces. I sanded a nice bit off of my nails, sanding those little clogs.
I love peering through the doors!
I have taken a picture of the things inside, with a euro, so you can see how big it is.
I really should take pictures in daylight, but couldn't wait.
I did do something else this weekend, Friday night I made myself a pair of Christmas earrings. They are made from a pattern, and idea, by Blue Buddha Boutique, they call them Holly earrings. chainmail. Theirs was made with aluminum scales, I made mine with polycarbonate scales. These are  a bit transparent. They look a lot better in my ears then they do in the picture!
I was finished in half an hour with these, I tried them at first with 4.2 mm rings, but that did not go well with the scales. I ended up using the 6.2 ones, which are advised by Blue Buddha. The smaller ones I had in green, the larger ones only in silver color.

Friday, 31 October 2014

Finishing off

Finishing off - that is my embroidery. I got a kit from Lorna Bateman some time ago, for a lovely flower garland, silk ribbon embroidery.
This is the finished embroidery. All that was left was to take it out of the hoop, and find a frame for it.
The frame had to be a deep one, to avoid crushing the dimensional effect from the ribbon. I found this frame, it is from Riverdale. And finally framed it.

I think it looks good!

Last night I started another Christmas ornament, this will be a bell when finished. Pattern is by Renulek.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Finished the fences

Have been working on the fences I bought for my dollhouse. Hardest part was already done, just had to paint and glue together. I didn't buy enough posts, but that was no problem, piece of wood does very well.