Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Finished the fences

Have been working on the fences I bought for my dollhouse. Hardest part was already done, just had to paint and glue together. I didn't buy enough posts, but that was no problem, piece of wood does very well.

Monday, 27 October 2014

Apeldoorn show

This weekend was the show in Apeldoorn. It was a lovely show, with a lot more customers then last time. I had one thing on my shopping list, that was fencing for my dollhouse. The fencing is from Arjen Spinhoven . And the book by Petitie Properties on finishes.
The wood in the picture is oak and mahogany, from Hubert Boom. For furniture for a room box I want to make, this will be set in the time of Vermeer. I want to decide what furniture needs to go in it, then I will know the size of the box to make. Original idea was to make it 1/24, but I did find a lovely painting, which will go in there, size will now be 1/12. The painting is by Elly Ypma.
The spool of whool I bought from Annelies de Kort.
Vonas Miniatures had a lovely stand with pipes, which will go into the room box also.
And last, a little glass vase with a gold rim from Leo Reijnders.

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Bit of tatting and beads

I  liked the flowers and leaves from the Tischband tatalong, on Umi and Tsuru's blog. Nice to tat.
I made 2 leaves with oliver twist thread in green. Thin thread, the leaves turned out just over an inch in length. Nice, but what to do with it?
add a couple of beads, and earring wires, et voila!
As I had my wires and beads out, started playing arount with them. Really just playing, trying out combinations and ideas. When I do this, the whole table is covered with my beads, wires and tools. I have cleared everything up now, after making this bookmark, with gemstones I had. Malachite, Cornelian, and I forfot what the light green was. These were leftovers from a necklace I made a long time ago. Set the beads on wire, the dangle nicely now.


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Saturday, 26 July 2014

Shawl is finished!

Finally finished my shawl with tatted edging. It has taken me many hours, I don't know how many, I don't want to count.
The edging is made from a pattern by Bestitched, the sisters edging. I changed it a bit.
The thread used is King Tut quilt thread, at the moment my favorite thread to tat with.

Thursday, 12 June 2014

Made myself a fern

I made this staghorn fern, made a couple of them actually. They are fun to make. A lot of work though.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Griffin House inside

Almost finished! The furniture is a mix of kits by Templewood miniatures, Petite properties, Jane harrop and a couple from SDK Miniatures, the chair and hutch, these last were a gift from a dear friend, as were the 2 pies. The pots and pitchers are by Annie Hendriks.
Now I am going back to 1/12, a lot easier then 1/48!
The kit of this games table is by Arjen Spinhoven. There ar no instructions included, but it is an easy kit to put together. I painted it brown, with a few gold accents.
Another buy from him were 2 kits for a 'raamhor', I have no idea how to translate thate.
These are typically Dutch as far as I know, to protect the plants from direct sunlight. Or keep people from looking in, as some say! I need one more kit, I bought 2, but have 3 windows to the room! Next time at the show I will buy another one.